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MSc in Equine Performance Health and Welfare

It's taken me a while to put into words the short time I spent with the Pottokas, words that could so easily diminish rather than do the horses justice. If I could sum up in one quote it would be this:


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience and can never go back to its old dimensions” (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr)

Horses are not new to me. I've spent my whole life working and studying them. Why would I travel to Spain? What is it that a book, the Internet, an expert or a difficult horse couldn’t teach me? For me the Pottokas teach us about the pure essence of the creatures we love. No aggression, no dominance, no hyper vigilance, no stress. No. None of that. Just horses so connected, so content and so comfortable. I could say much more... If you choose to go, be open, be receptive, be questioning because you cannot layer your own beliefs and expectations onto these horses. Push all that away and be prepared to come away and never look at horses in the same way again

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